12 Days of Fitness- Starting December 5, 2016


A fun and exciting way to try a variety of equipment in the fitness area.


The program will run for 12 days, (Monday through Friday only) from December 5-20, 2016. Each day, when the Aquatic & Fitness Center opens, a new  workout will be posted in the fitness center. Workouts will consist of cardio (treadmill, elliptical, rowing machine, bike) and weight equipment. Write the posted workout next to the corresponding date on your card. Complete the workout and have a Fitness Specialist  verify that you completed the workout by initialing your card.  YOU and the Fitness Specialist are responsible for making sure all the workouts are completed.

Getting Started:

You have already taken the first step by picking up this workout card!

Fill out the top of the other side with your name, phone number and email address.

On December 5th the first workout will be posted. Come in that day and get started on your way to the 12 Days of Fitness.

If the workout includes equipment you are unfamiliar with, or have not used before, ask the Fitness Specialist for assistance.

Program Guidelines & Tips for Success:

The Fitness workout for the day will only be posted on that day. It must be completed and signed off on that day.  At the closing of the day, that workout will be taken down in preparation for the following day’s workout to be posted. If a workout day is missed it cannot be made up on the next day. There are no workouts on Saturday or Sunday.

The daily workouts will be designed to move you around the fitness room and have you trying equipment you may not routinely use. You may find that perfect exercise or piece of equipment you had never thought of trying before.

Prizes will be awarded along the way to those who complete 5 workouts; complete 10 workouts; and complete the entire 12 Days of Fitness.