12 Days of Fitness- Starting December 7, 2017

A fun and exciting way to try a variety of equipment in the fitness area.


The program will run for 12 days, (Monday through Friday only) from December 7-22, 2017.

Each day, a new workout will be posted in the fitness center; the workout will consist of 4 or 5 exercises that range from cardio machines to weight equipment, the equipment being used on the day of the workout will also be marked with Candy Canes.

The daily workouts are designed to move you around the fitness center and get you to try equipment you may not usually use. You may find the perfect exercise or piece of equipment you had never thought of trying.


Getting Started

You will start by picking up your workout card from the fitness desk on the first day of the program, December 7th.

Please fill out the card with your name, phone number, and email address.

If the workout includes equipment you are unfamiliar with, the fitness specialist will be happy to assist you.

The workout will be posted each morning, and will be taken down at closing each night.

Once the workout has been completed you will bring your workout card to the fitness specialist and they will initial your card for verification.

Workouts are NOT allowed to be made up on any other day.



5 workouts = Body Tape Measure & Free 16oz Smoothie

10 Workouts = AFC Water Bottle & AFC Golf Towel

12 Workouts = Your name will be added to a drawing for 1 free month & AFC short sleeve shirt. (as available)