Water exercise is an excellent way to a fit and healthy body.  Classes are designed to build strength, flexibility, and cardiovascular fitness. It takes advantage of your buoyancy in the water and resistance the water creates.  Whatever an individual’s fitness goals or therapeutic needs, they can be met with the right class or mix of classes.

Ai Chi (Meets in Teaching/Therapy Pool/45 minutes)
Slow graceful form of physical exercise designed for relaxation, balance and health.  Class takes advantage of the properties of water, fostering range of motion, while challenging balance, facilitating core strength and stability.  New to the class?  Please arrive 10 minutes early for orientation.

Early Bird Deep H2O (Meets in the Lap Pool/45 minutes)
Start your day out right!  An all around invigorating program in deep water…a deep water flotation belt is required.  Ideal for cardiovascular exercise with no weight bearing stress.  A great cross training alternative.  Participants should be comfortable in deep water.

Strength  – N – Stretch (Meets in Teaching/Therapy Pool/45 minutes)
This class focuses on conditioning, strength, endurance and stretch components.  Equipment may be used.  You’ll develop increased flexibility and range of motion through a total body workout.  Participants are encouraged to work within their own range of motion.

Aqua Boot Camp (Meets in the Teaching/Therapy Pool/45 minutes)
Participants work shallow water training, designed to target fitness components of agility, balance, coordination and speed in addition to cardio capacity.  This no-nonsense workout formula delivers high-intensity training options, with and without equipment, to maximize results.

H20 Cardio/Power HIIT (Meets in the Teaching/Therapy Pool/45 minutes)
This cardio & strength routine blends High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) and power strengthening using equipment.  This challenging class includes:  athletic jogging, plyometric, hard-core movements, pyramid and add-on intensity combinations.

Wet-N-Wild Deep Water (Meets in the Lap Pool/45 minutes)
This class will be adapted for participants to work in either deep or shallow water.  The participants can choose whether to use flotation equipment or not.  Class will cover all aspects of physical fitness through movement in the water.  Creative cardiovascular work will be combined with water resistance training to tone and firm the entire body.

Aqua Building Blocks (Meets in the Teaching/Therapy Pool/45 minutes)
This slow, low-level, non-impact class is perfect for those who have never exercised in water before or who are transitioning from aqua therapy to water exercise.  Class taught by a McLeod Seacoast Therapist.

Aqua Circuit (Meets in the Teaching/Therapy Pool/45 minutes)
This combination of cardio and strength training utilizes strength training principles and aquatic equipment with water based fitness.  Participants progress through a series of stations for a total body workout.

H2O Combo (Meets in the Teaching/Therapy Pool/45minutes)
These classes are for particpants of any fitness level.  You need not be a swimmer to benefit from this program.  H2O Combo classes involve movements in the water which combine the elements of strength training, cardio and flexibility and the use of equipment to enhance the water fitness experience.

Aquatic Intervals (Meets in Teaching/Therapy Pool/45 minutes)
Interval training is an aerobic conditioning format that incorporates alternating segments of work and active rest.  Intensity is varied throughout the exercise session:  high intensity /  moderate intensity / and moderate intensity / high intensity.  The class is suitable for all fitness levels.

Tweaking the Hinges (Meets in the Teaching/Therapy Pool/45 minutes)
This class provides guided active range of motion while incorporating a light cardio workout as tolerated.  All participants are encouraged to work within their scope of movement.

Tai Chi (Meets in the Teaching/Therapy Pool/45 minutes)
Tai Chi is an ancient Chinese exercise involving slow fluid steps that will encourage freedom of movement, improve balance and sharpen mental focus.  The mild activity of Tai Chi offers the opportunity to engage the mind and body in achieving greater inner relaxation.  Participants learn the Yang Style and Sun Style forms modified for the water.  This class is suitable for all levels.