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Fitness Tip of the Week: Pre-workout meal

Here’s a pretty simple one that gets over looked all the time.  Eat before you workout!  Not eating before had will limit how hard you can push during your workout and will also negatively impact your ability to recover from that workout.  Try a meal with moderate amounts of carbs, a little bit of fat […]

Aquatic and Fitness Center Sprint Triathlon Relay!

The Aquatic and Fitness Center is hosting a Sprint Triathlon Relay on Friday July 21st.  Teams of three will compete to to finish the sprint as quickly as possible.  All 3 team members will begin their event at the same time.  AFC staff will monitor and track time and the team with the fastest finish […]

Liz Reighard’s #1 Fitness Tip

Drink more water! Here are 6 reasons that may convince you: It boosts your mood according to a study done where participants who doubled their intake from 5 to 10 glasses of water felt more contented. You may heal faster.  Researchers found drinking 16 oz. of water after a cut improves microvascular circulation in your skin. It […]

Fitness Tip of the Day: NEAT

  NEAT is an acronym for Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis and it’s basically a fancy way of measuring the impact moving around doing basic stuff during the day has on our metabolism. This means you need to get up and move more. FitBit has made a fortune motivating people to get up and walk around. NEAT […]

Fitness Tip of the Day: Vitamin D

Vitamin D is an essential vitamin that helps us live longer, get stronger, and keep our brains performing optimally. We get Vitamin D through direct exposure to sunlight but because few of us spend all day with our shirts off in the sun most of us aren’t getting enough. Oregon State suggests less than 70% […]

Fitness Tip of the Day: Walk!

I know this one may seem silly or overly simple but very few people do this and they’re missing out. Find time every day for a 30 minute walk. Don’t do this as a form of cardio but as a way to wind down after a stressful day. It’ll get you moving a little more […]

Fitness Tip of the Day:  Low Back Pain

In our society we sit a lot.  We sit at work, we sit on the way to work, we sit and watch TV, we even sit when we exercise.  This causes weak glutes, tight hips, a loss of mobility, and often time’s pain in our lower back. People find all kinds of things to blame […]

Fitness Tip of the Day: Interval Training

Interval training is a fairly simple concept. Push yourself really hard for about 30 seconds, rest and repeat. I suggest taking just enough rest to recover to the point of being able to push yourself again with 100% effort.  I also suggest doing anywhere between 4 and 10 “sprints.” Keep in mind intervals will look […]

Fitness Tip of the Week: Stay Hydrated

Here’s a neat trick to help you keep track of how much water you’re drinking and it will also motivate you to drink more.   Grab a 1 liter bottle and put 4 to 6 rubber bands around it depending on how much water you’re trying to drink (I use 6).  Every time you finish […]

Fitness Tip of the Day: Eat a Salad

Researchers at Penn State University found that people who ate a salad before their main course ate overall fewer calories than those that did not.  Eating a HEALTHY salad helps us to feel fuller quicker and therefore we’re less likely to overeat during our main course which often times if more calorically dense. Keep in […]