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Why Casein is Important for Lean Muscle Mass

Why Casein Protein is Important For Lean Muscle Mass Building Muscle Sports Nutrition By Elizabeth Reighard As we age, we lose muscle.  We lose 15% a decade after 50 and 20% a decade after 60.  Body builders have always known the importance of casein for creating lean muscle mass.  Why use casein verses whey?  What is it? […]

Chocolate lovers check this out!!!

Three Ingredient Healthy Dark Chocolate. recipe By Elizabeth Reighard This is so delicious and full of antioxidants.  I love eating chocolate that is good for my body! Recipe: 1/2 cup organic cold pressed coconut oil 1/2 cup of organic cocao not cocoa because it is unprocessed cocoa and full of good for your body antioxidants. 2 […]

Did you know???

  Aerobic exercise such as cardio machines, spinning, running, swimming, walking, hiking, aerobic group fitness, dancing, skiing, and kickboxing have the following health benefits:   -Builds endurance -Boosts HDL (good) cholesterol -Helps maintain a normal weight -Prevention of heart attack, stroke, diabetes, dementia, depression, colon and breast cancers, and early death.   Strength Training is […]

Myth and Facts of strength training for kids

Through my own personal experience working with children I have found that many parents have concerns in regards to children and strength training.  Despite the common misconceptions, research found in the last 10 years has proven that regular involvement in youth strength training is in fact beneficial to boys and girls of all ages.  The […]

Why Foam Roll?

Foam rolling is a trend that is becoming more commonly used as a means of getting rid of that dreaded post workout soreness.    It is considered self-myofascial release or a “self-massage” to release tightness and trigger points (knots) within the muscles.  With the use of the foam roller you are able to apply pressure to […]

Kids Fitness @ the AFC

The AFC is now offering free kids fitness programming to our members.  The program is led by Cami a recent grad from ECU and has been a huge success.  We are currently offering classes on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from 4pm to 5pm and 5pm to 6pm and Friday from 4pm-7pm.  Our programming includes everything […]

New Year’s Resolution???

Every year people make it there New Year’s resolution to get fit, lose weight or just to get healthier in general.  Make 2016 the year that resolution sticks and let the Fitness Staff here at the AFC help! We have everything you need to get the year started right and to continue that throughout the […]

Group Fitness Class Spotlight

Here at the Aquatic and Fitness Center we have over 70 group fitness classes offered per week.  All of these classes are included in your membership fee and are available to those on daily, weekly and monthly memberships as well.  Having so many classes can be hard to keep up with so here are a […]

Strength training for weight loss???

For years everyone in the fitness industry has championed cardio as the best way to lose weight.  New studies are actually showing something quite different. Strength training is actually a great way to lose weight and when done in a circuit type fashion it also gives all the benefits of cardio vascular training.  Strength training […]