How to Modify Exercise for Achy Joints – Liz Reighard CPT


By Elizabeth Reighard
Let’s face it, as we get older our joints don’t always feel good.  One way to prevent injury is to have a thorough warm up before you start exercising.  Another way is to roll out all of your muscles on a foam roller to warm up the fascia that acts as a cushion for your joints.  The fasica becomes dry and brittle as we age. “Gentle compression with a soft foam roller helps rehydrate our fasica by stimulating its cells and helping fluid move back into the tissues,” according the Sue Hitzmann, an exercise physiologist and creator of the Melt Method.  Thirdly, it is always a good idea to vary your workouts so we aren’t putting pressure in the same places over and over. Finally, make sure to stretch thoroughly when you finish. I like stretching with bands because I can go deeper into the stretches.  Make sure to hold at least 20 seconds and up to 2 minutes if tight in an area.

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