Group Fitness Class Spotlight


Here at the Aquatic and Fitness Center we have over 70 group fitness classes offered per week.  All of these classes are included in your membership fee and are available to those on daily, weekly and monthly memberships as well.  Having so many classes can be hard to keep up with so here are a few I think you should check out.


Chair Fitness with Karen in the AR on Mondays’ and Wednesday’s @ 10am.  This class mixes in Yoga with bands and weights to give you a total body strengthening and stretching workout.  Those with balance issues or that have a hard time getting up off the floor or standing for long periods of time can use a chair.  However, it isn’t mandatory.


20/20/20 Fusion with Denise in the GYM on Tuesdays and Thursday’s @ 9 am is another great class.  This class mixes 20 minutes of cardio, 20 minutes of core/stretch work and 20 minutes of weights.  This class will push you so come ready to work!


Finally check out Full Body with a Kick with Kathy in the AR on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s in the AR @ 6:30 pm.  Come ready to sweat as Kathy takes you through a total body workout using a combination of steps, bands, weights, balls and even your own body weight.  This class utilizes tabata style training and mixes in kickboxing for an intense fat burning workout.


For more information on all of our group fitness classes please grab one of our schedules at the front desk or call me at 843-281-3745


Patrick Flynn

Fitness Director

NMB Aquatic and Fitness Center