Best Methods for Burning Fat


One of the biggest misconceptions I hear and see on a daily basis is that doing long bouts of medium intensity cardiovascular work is best for burning fat/losing weight, think walking on the treadmill or riding the recumbent bikes for 30 plus minutes, .

This couldn’t be further from the truth.  The most efficient fat burning tools we have at our disposal are a proper diet, strength training and high intensity interval work.

Many like to walk on the treadmill and see those calories burned add up but the issue here is that the moment you step off that treadmill that calorie burn stops immediately.  With strength training our body has an increased metabolic response (think more calories burned) for several days after the workout.  This means that the benefit from a 3 day a week strength training routine would last throughout the entire week.

As for high intensity interval work, keep in mind that high intensity is relative to the individual and their fitness level.  For some high intensity could simply be a brisk walk on an incline.  While for others it might mean an all out sprint.

Try this the next time your doing your cardiovascular work:

30 seconds of high intensity work (remember this is different for everyone)

60 seconds rest

repeat for 20 total minutes and you’re done!  If you’d like some recommendations on more specific guidelines for a strength training routine or interval cardio plus come see me in the fitness room.


Patrick Flynn

Fitness Director