Cami Lee’s Better Breakfast Tips


Build a Better Breakfast

Breakfast is the perfect opportunity to make a good intention for the day.  Start your day with balanced, healthy nutrition to set the tone for the rest of the day’s meals and snacks.  Avoid highly processed, packaged items that are filled with artificial ingredients and added sugar.  For example, cereal, pastries, granola, sugary yogurts and granola bars.

Try grab-n-go overnight oats for those hectic mornings.  Before you go to bed, mix ½ cup of old fashioned rolled oats, ½ cup of your favorite fruit, ½ cup of plain Greek yogurt and ½ cup of milk in a mason jar or container.  You can also add chia seeds, peanut butter, nuts or cinnamon.  Refrigerate overnight to let the oats absorb the liquid and flavor, and enjoy on the go in the morning!

Cami Lee

Personal Trainer

Youth Group Fitness

B.S. Health Fitness Specialist