A weight lifters view of the pool aka Patrick takes a swim


The Aquatic and Fitness Center has put on an in-door triathlon the month of February as a way to get out members involved in different activities around the facility and have some fun while doing it.  When this program was being put together I never thought of actually getting in the pool and completing the tri but after a little nudge form Melinda that’s exactly what I did.

A little background info about me.  My name is Patrick Flynn and I’m the Fitness Director here at the AFC.  I’m an avid weight lifter and believe very strongly in the benefits of a high intensity strength training program.  I’m also a big proponent of high intensity interval style cardio.  I’ve been here at the AFC for 8 years and have never been in the pool…  I just never really saw the benefit for what my goals are.

Last Wednesday changed all of that.  I went to the pool not having any idea how things would go, I can swim but I’m not a “swimmer.”  I wasn’t sure if I’d get all 20 laps in (the amount needed to finish the triathlon) or struggle to get through 5.

I started off with a freestyle stroke and after swallowing about 5 gallons of water (in one lap) I decided that wasn’t going to work for me.   I changed to a combination of a back stroke and the ugliest butterfly known to man (I think that’s what I was doing).   I finished all 20 laps in about 35 minutes and got out of the pool completely exhausted but with a new appreciation for my swimming friends.

I’ll definitely utilize this great asset in the future.  Probably quite differently as I’m still a big believer in interval training.  But when done correctly swimming makes for a great total body, interval style workout with no impact on the joints.  My knees and hips take a beating from all the heavy strength training I do, so being able to get in the pool and push myself without any impact on those joints is a huge benefit to me.

What’s my point here?  Get outside your comfort zone.  Go do something different today and keep your body off guard which makes for continued improvement.  If you’re doing the same thing day after day expect the same results day after day.  This goes for our swimmers too as we’d love to have you in the fitness room for some strength training.

For more information or any questions give me a call or shoot me an email.  There’s also still plenty of time to join in on our triathlon fun!



Patrick Flynn

NMBAFC Fitness Director