Benefits of Tai Chi – A new class at the AFC!

Tai Chi is a low impact exercise which promotes better balance, encourages a full range of motion and helps create a sharper mental focus. Those who practice Tai Chi often see additional benefits such as strengthening of the lower body muscles soon after beginning the exercise program.

People with mobility issues due to advancing age or the onset of illness may experience the reduction of stress and possible loosening of stiff joints with moderate Tai Chi practice. Exercise for this group should always be preceded by a consultation with their medical professional.

Sometimes called meditation in motion Tai Chi is also referred to as the internal martial art. These descriptions call upon the more elusive references to Tai Chi. Its meditative qualities are often experienced by diligent practitioners who develop their skills over time. This is the “flow” of the Tai Chi energy which can begin with a profound sense of relaxation.

Tai Chi is now offered to the members of the Aquatic and Fitness Center on Monday’s @ 9am and Wednesday’s @ 11am in the Aerobics Room (AR).