Fitness Tip of the Day:  Low Back Pain


In our society we sit a lot.  We sit at work, we sit on the way to work, we sit and watch TV, we even sit when we exercise.  This causes weak glutes, tight hips, a loss of mobility, and often time’s pain in our lower back.

People find all kinds of things to blame for their lower back pain.  Bending over, squatting down or picking something up just to name a few.  All of these things could have triggered the issue but they aren’t the root cause.  What’s worse is once people do experience some form of low back pain they often times refuse to try and train that area at all.  This only exacerbates the problem.


The root cause is weak glutes, weak spinal erectors (the muscles that run down your spine), weak abs and poor mobility.


Here’s a list of simple exercises I recommend to do on a daily basis for good lower back health.


Bird Dogs

Hip Circles



Glute Bridge

Squat Holds


For info on how to perform these exercises come see me in the Fitness Room!

Patrick Flynn

Fitness Director

NMB Aquatic and Fitness Center