Fitness Tip of the Day: Vitamin D


Vitamin D is an essential vitamin that helps us live longer, get stronger, and keep our brains performing optimally. We get Vitamin D through direct exposure to sunlight but because few of us spend all day with our shirts off in the sun most of us aren’t getting enough. Oregon State suggests less than 70% of Americans have optimal levels of vitamin D.

I recently had blood work done and asked my Doctor to check my vitamin D levels. Guess what? They were low.

I’m now supplementing with vitamin D as there is no way I can get enough direct sunlight, there’s also all the potential issues that come with spending that much time in the sun…

Here’s a run down of the benefits of getting enough vitamin D:

– Strong Bones
– Muscular Strength
– Increased Lean Body Mass
– Blood Sugar Regulation
– Cancer Prevention
– Reproductive Health
– Cardiovascular Health
– Brain Health
– Fetal Brain Development (that’s right mama’s!)
– Treatment of Depression and Brain Disorders. Many are thinking seasonal affective disorder is a result of lower vitamin D levels because of the lack of sunlight during the winter.
– Immune Function
– Prevention of Obesity
– Disease/Disorder Prevention. Including: Parkinson’s, Rickets, Osteomalacia, COPD, autoimmune disorders, childhood anemia, infections, hypertension and metabolic diseases.

Patrick Flynn

Fitness Director

NMB Aquatic and Fitness Center