Fitness Tip of the Day: NEAT



NEAT is an acronym for Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis and it’s basically a fancy way of measuring the impact moving around doing basic stuff during the day has on our metabolism. This means you need to get up and move more. FitBit has made a fortune motivating people to get up and walk around.

NEAT does have a big impact on our overall health, wellness, metabolism and body weight. Here’s a couple tips.

– Park further away when shopping
– Take the stairs
– Schedule a 30 minute walk every day
– Take a quick walk to grab a drink of water every hour when at work
– Get outside and play with your kids
– Stand up desks are silly but some people love them!
– Cut your own grass (try doing it without the self propel feature)
– Do some extra house work

The possibilities are endless. This one comes down to be mindful again just like when eating. Be mindful of getting up and moving around. Do it long enough and it’ll become a habit.