Join the A-Team at the Aquatic and Fitness Center!!!


The A-Team is a group coaching program designed for people who need assistance with their workout.  Making sure the workouts are not too hard or too easy, checking to make sure equipment is set properly, keeping a watchful eye on you, and keeping you motivated.

This is great for people with health issues, people who need to bridge the gap between physical therapy and a regular exercise program, seniors, or anyone who wants or needs a little extra attention while working out.  The A-Team workouts last one hour and include cardio, resistance training, and some balance/flexibility work.

Space is limited since it is a group.  The rate is $70 per month, which entitles you to two workouts per week.  On Monday, Wednesday @ 6 pm and on Tuesday, Thursday @ 2 pm.

The program is provided by Audrie Pearce. She is a Certified Personal Trainer, with additional certifications in Senior Fitness and Exercise Therapy.

If interested please contact Audrie at 609-706-8009 or just come by 15 minutes before a session.