New Hammer Strength Equipment


Hammer Strength Fitness Equipment was created to mirror human movement and gives users the safest, most efficient and satisfying workout possible. For about three years, we researched body movement and muscle ability and made countless consultations with doctors, chiropractors, sports doctors and top athletes. To help in the production process, we programmed an elaborate Computer Aided Design (CAD) Solid Modeling software that uses a three-dimensional model. Geometric calculations on arc, weight, and balance result in biomechanically correct strength training products that are unique to Hammer Strength. After we finalized our extensive research, we launched Hammer Strength into full production in April 1989.

The patented Iso-Lateral movement lets muscles move through unique ranges of motion that are biomechanically natural. Since the body does not move in perpendicular planes, the arcs replicate the body’s movements. Our Iso-Lateral machines are designed to build functional strength by combining unilateral movement with converging or diverging arcs, making the resistance for each limb independent. These machines also give exercisers the option to move one limb at a time, or alternate limbs, increasing exercise variety and ensuring more balanced results. The machines provide multi-joint, compound movements while providing support and safety for the supporting structures, such as the torso and back.