The spring season represents rebirth, renewal and growth. It’s a time to welcome longer and brighter days and bid farewell to cabin fever. It’s also the perfect time to rejuvenate a tired routine and integrate new activities into your workouts.

Although humans are creatures of habit and comfort, frequently changing your workout program is necessary to avoid and/or overcome a plateau, achieve performance gains and accomplish new levels of fitness. But how do you know when the time for change has come?

When to Change Your Fitness Routine

The body (and mind) experience boredom when a workout routine has worn out its welcome. If you experience any of the following signals, it’s time to infuse new energy into your program.

  • You no longer feel a sense of joy for the activity or routine.
  • You stop seeing results or making progress.
  • You find yourself watching the clock instead of your form.
  • You don’t feel energized after completing a workout.
  • You feel unusually fatigued or you don’t feel energized or inspired.

Knowing when to change a workout routine or revise a workout schedule requires reflection. Develop a sense of awareness about how you feel before, during and after exercise. Hone your sense of self and honestly assess whether or not your current routine is doing its job. If not, revise, refresh and relaunch your program.

Visit an NMB-AFC Fitness Specialist for some fresh NEW ideas to rejuvenate your Fitness Routine!