What is the remittance process?

The fee (based on your monthly gross receipts) is to be remitted monthly by the 20th of the following month to the City Revenue Department with the appropriate reporting forms. A discount of 2% of the fee due is allowed if the remittance is made on or before the due date. A penalty of 5% of the unpaid balance per month for each month past due is imposed on late payments.

Pay Hospitality Fees online at Hospitality Fee Payments.

Access the Hospitality Fee Submission Form (PDF).

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1. What is the Hospitality Fee?
2. What is the Hospitality Fee imposed on?
3. Who collects the Hospitality Fee?
4. Why is there a Hospitality Fee and how is it used?
5. What is the remittance process?
6. Are there other fees collected by other agencies?