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Squat Basics

SQUAT BASICS: ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW TO MASTER THIS EXERCISE Engaging all the major core and leg muscles, squats create simultaneous contraction of the power muscles responsible for vertical drive. Squats are ideal for enhancing overall fitness, helping maximize fat burn and building strength in the lower body and core. The muscles you work […]

Exercising During Cold and Flu Season

This is an article from MINDFOOD, written by Efrosini Costa, April 4, 2018   When You Should Be Exercising During Cold and Flu Season  As a change of season approaches, so too does the dreaded cold and flu season that can quickly take many enthusiastic exercisers off course.  Runny noses, sniffles and coughs can derail […]


As an active person, I know that I have been incredibly inactive for the past 2-3 weeks (and oh, the cookies!). I know from experience that the more inactive you become, the more challenging it is to get started again. Don’t let the holiday coziness become a winter-long habit. Move your body every day, even […]