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Join the A-Team at the Aquatic and Fitness Center!!!

The A-Team is a group coaching program designed for people who need assistance with their workout.  Making sure the workouts are not too hard or too easy, checking to make sure equipment is set properly, keeping a watchful eye on you, and keeping you motivated. This is great for people with health issues, people who […]

Fitness Orientations

Did you know that all our members are entitled to 2 free fitness orientations? A fitness orientation consists of going through a workout with a fitness specialist and getting comfortable with our equipment.  Our staff will show you what equipment to use, how much weight to use and how to set the machines up to fit […]

Fitness Tip of the Day: Add some variety

One thing I see every day are people coming to the AFC to workout, doing the exact same thing, in the same order, day after day. This might work great for a week or even a month but after a while, your body catches on and it stops adapting (this means making progress).  Our bodies […]

Fitness Tip of the Day: Use a Full Range of Motion

I often see people adding weight to an exercise and with each subsequent increase the range of motion decreases. This gets to the point where their entire set consists of a bunch of half or quarter reps. Do yourself a favor and use a full range of motion focusing on lowering the weight under control, […]

Fitness Tip of the Week: Rest Breaks

Most people spend way too much time in-between sets resting, chatting or scrolling through social media. Unless you’re training for pure strength increases you really don’t need more than 60 seconds of rest in between sets. Training with a faster pace will allow you to get more done and will keep your heart rate up […]

Fitness Tip of the Day: Slow Down!

Here’s one that has helped me. Slow down when eating, add extra chews and eat mindfully.   I’m currently limiting my calories in an effort to drop body fat (I don’t like to call it dieting bc your diet is simply what you eat). I’ve had a chronic problem with overeating at night. One thing […]

Fitness Tip of the Week: Pre-workout meal

Here’s a pretty simple one that gets over looked all the time.  Eat before you workout!  Not eating before had will limit how hard you can push during your workout and will also negatively impact your ability to recover from that workout.  Try a meal with moderate amounts of carbs, a little bit of fat […]

Aquatic and Fitness Center Sprint Triathlon Relay!

The Aquatic and Fitness Center is hosting a Sprint Triathlon Relay on Friday July 21st.  Teams of three will compete to to finish the sprint as quickly as possible.  All 3 team members will begin their event at the same time.  AFC staff will monitor and track time and the team with the fastest finish […]

Liz Reighard’s #1 Fitness Tip

Drink more water! Here are 6 reasons that may convince you: It boosts your mood according to a study done where participants who doubled their intake from 5 to 10 glasses of water felt more contented. You may heal faster.  Researchers found drinking 16 oz. of water after a cut improves microvascular circulation in your skin. It […]

Fitness Tip of the Day: NEAT

  NEAT is an acronym for Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis and it’s basically a fancy way of measuring the impact moving around doing basic stuff during the day has on our metabolism. This means you need to get up and move more. FitBit has made a fortune motivating people to get up and walk around. NEAT […]