The Child Watch Area provides a limited duration sitting service for members while they are using the Aquatic & Fitness Center. We welcome children from 6 months through 10 years of age. Both the child and the child’s parent(s) must be a member of the facility in order to participate in the Child Watch program. The definition of member, for both the parent/guardian and the child, would be an annual member, monthly member or daily visitor via guest pass or walk-in fee of $5 or $15. The maximum stay is 2 consecutives hours per child, per visit. At least one parent or guardian must be present in the Aquatic & Fitness Center at all times, while your child is in the Child Watch area.

Each child using the Child Watch Area must have current immunizations. A copy of this information must be presented to Child Watch staff the first time the child is checked into the Child Watch Area. This information will be kept on file in the Child Watch Area.

While in the Child Watch Area, children are directly supervised at all times. We have an assortment of books, toys, games, projects and activities for your child to enjoy. It is advised that no personal games and toys be brought from home. The Aquatic & Fitness Center cannot be responsible for anything lost or stolen. If bringing personal necessities from home (sippy cups, pacifiers, jackets, etc.), we encourage that you clearly label these items with your child’s first and last name. These items will be stored in individual cubbies when not in use.

Unhappy children are never forced to stay in the child watch area. We will come find parents if any child remains upset for more than 15-20 continuous minutes.

Infants must be brought into the Child Watch Area in a child carrier. Pacifiers must be attached to the child. Please make sure your child is changed/or used the restroom before checking them into the Child Watch Area. A changing station and restroom are located in the Child Watch Area so that Aquatic & Fitness Center staff can assist children as needed. Parents must provide their own wipes and diapers in a clearly labeled bag or container.

Staff members are chosen for their skill with children as well as their warmth and sensitivity to the needs of the children. All staff is trained in CPR. Should an emergency occur, parents will be notified immediately.

Check-In/Out Procedures

For the safety and protection of every child, it is imperative that each parent follows the proper sign in and out procedures. Regardless of age, every child is required to be checked in and out. Children within our care will only be given to those parents/guardians who signed them in, unless advanced notice is given. Staff may ask for picture ID.

Food and Beverage

Please make sure your child is fed before checking them into the Child Watch Area. No food is allowed in the Child Watch rooms. Drinks may be brought into the room in spill-proof containers clearly labeled with your child’s name.

Discipline Policy 

The following skills are the basic guidelines for successful participation in the Child Watch Program: follow and accept direction and structure as necessary; take turns and share in a cooperative manner; respect others and their property. The Aquatic & Fitness Center staff is committed to providing a structured environment that offers encouragement, assists in problem solving, offer realistic choices and avoids threatening situations. The following behaviors are considered unacceptable and may result in your child being removed from the Child Watch program: hitting, fighting, causing physical harm, profanity or verbal assault, temper tantrums, spitting, biting, disrespect to center staff, refusal to cooperate, and disregard for center policies and procedures. At the time of an incident the parent will be immediately notified and the child must be removed from the program for the remainder of the day. The second incident will result in a multi-day suspension from Child Watch privileges to allow time for behavior modification. The Aquatic & Fitness Center reserves the right to suspend or expel a child from Child Watch services based on continued behavioral problems.


Medication will not be administered by Aquatic and Fitness Center staff.  Please see to these needs before checking your child into the Child Watch Area.  You may administer medications yourself while you are at the Center.