Group Water Fitness Class Descriptions

Water exercise is an excellent way to a fit and healthy body. Classes are designed to build strength, flexibility, and cardiovascular fitness. It takes advantage of your buoyancy in the water and resistance the water creates. Whatever an individual’s fitness goals or therapeutic needs, they can be met with the right class or mix of classes.

Ai Chi

Slow graceful movements to soothing music promoting relaxation, balance, reflection while increasing range of motion. New to class? Please arrive 5 minutes early for orientation. 

Aqua Blast

Expect the unexpected in this overall aqua fitness class!  No two classes are alike.  You’ll get a surprise workout every time and leave felling revived and ready for your day! 

Aqua Tabata

This fast paced class will get your heart pumping using a series of 4 minute exercise sequences alternating between short bouts of intensity and rest.  New to aqua exercise?  Work at your own pace and gradually increase your intensity. Don’t miss out on this one!


This class incorporates guided stretching to improve range of motion, reduce pain and prevent injury.  Elements include basic Barre foot positions, walking, balance while emphasizing posture.

Fit For Fun

Challenge yourself with intervals of strength and resistance for a full body workout using dumb bells and noodles.  You’ll find every muscle group working and reap the benefits of more energy, more strength and increased cardio efficiency. Start your day right.  Let’s get wet!


This total body workout focuses on conditioning, strength, endurance and stretching components. You’ll find increased flexibility and range of motion. Stretch Bands are used but not required.

Full Body Tone

A mix of cardiovascular, strength and toning exercises is the perfect way to start or end your day.  Come get fit and energized.

Gettin' HIIT to the Oldies

Move it & groove it as you exercise to your favorite Oldies music and get that young feeling again. This fun exercise class gets your body moving, strengthening and stretching all muscle groups.  Don’t miss out on this one! 

Hop In-Get Down!

Groove to those great tunes from the past focusing on both cardio and strength training either during the week or weekend.

In Over Your Head! (Lap Pool)

Creative cardiovascular exercises in deep water combined with water resistance training will help tone and firm your entire body.   Challenge yourself to a different kind of workout.  You’ll be glad you did!  Flotation belts are required.

Makin' Waves

Seven basic foot positions of water exercise are applied using all 3 movement planes to achieve faster and better workout results. You’ll find increased balance and stability is achieved with continued exercise. Weights and noodles are used but not required.


Using Yoga and Ai Chi variations to promote wellbeing, balance, flexibility and confidence in the water, you’ll be ready to continue your day feeling revived and ready for anything.