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The Parks and Recreation Department is bringing more art to North Myrtle Beach through Artists Everywhere. Artists Everywhere is a monthly art exhibit at NMB City Hall showcasing local artists and providing beautiful public art displays for our residents and visitors. Artists Everywhere features many different style artists varying from painters to sculptors, potters, and much more.

We are looking for artists of all ages to display their talent!  If you are a local artist interested in displaying your artwork, sculptures, pottery, or more in the Artists Everywhere exhibit, please email for more information. 

Artists Everywhere Monthly Feature:

Stephen R. Koss

AE June Full with Artist

My name is Stephen R. Koss, I am originally from Pennsylvania. I lived in a small coal mining town called Revloc, where I married my wife and raised our two children. I later worked for the Cambria and Indiana Railroad in Colver, PA, another coal mining town, as a freight agent. Although two different towns, their names are a palindrome – Revloc & Colver – such an interesting connection.

 I have been interested in art my entire life. As a boy I grew up playing in the woods, enjoying nature, and creating a deeper interest in art. I attended art school for two years before joining the US Army. While in the Army, I took the opportunity to photograph everything I could, to create more art. After being discharged from the Army, I continued creating art and using the natural world as inspiration. Fishing is one of my favorite pass times.

 I am now retired and live in North Myrtle Beach. I now enjoy doing art even more. I do not concentrate on one certain kind of art, but enjoy doing different scenes, portraits, oceans, mountains, or whatever inspires me. My goal in life is to continue with my art and make people happy while looking at it. I love what I do!

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